Thursday, October 8

Tutoring Information

In addition to being an instructor and administrator at a University for 5 years, I have been private tutoring pre-algebra through pre-calculus math for 15 years. It is what I have enjoyed most throughout my career; sitting down with a student one-on-one and having real conversations about goals, the math content, study skills, questions, concerns, and the big picture of how the concepts fit together and into real life.

The rates I set tend to vary by a student's subject needs, location, availability, and group size of the session. My rates are not the lowest you will find, because I am a high quality tutor with a strong Higher Educational background and a M.S. in Math. There are also cost considerations for inconvenience and transportation. Here are some example rates which will prepare a potential client for a discussion on what I may charge per hour:

Example Rate 1: Jessica needs help with only the most difficult concepts of her current math course, wanting to solidify an A or a B. She is willing to meet during the week in her school's public library. She works with me weekly even if she doesn't have any tests coming up because she does not want to procrastinate her learning. Jessica is likely to pay $40 per hour.

Example Rate 2: Jessica has a friend, Sam, who wants a private tutor to go over some course material before a test. Jessica and Sam would like a single Q&A session. The group rate is $30 per person per hour.

Example Rate 3: John has to work during the week and needs a weekend tutor. He also struggles with the material and needs more in depth explanations. John is likely to pay $50 per hour.

Basically, I like to start my rate at $40 per hour and then adjust up or down if the situation calls for it.

I will be available for private tutoring in San Luis Obispo County, California beginning in January 2016.