Friday, October 9

Freelance Consulting

Having a strong background in administrative work for a very successful Higher Education developmental math program, I know what it takes to improve success for administrators, instructors, and students.

The big question is: How may I help you? Here are some, but definitely not all, of my topic suggestions for a consultation.

How to study for a test
How to approach your classes
How to manage time
How to get organized
How to use resources
How to build your resume

How to set up your class for success
How to get your students to have and meet high expectations
How to use your class time effectively
How to use technology effectively
How to motivate your students

How to evaluate your program
How to improve student success
How to train your instructors
How to change the on campus environment
How to develop good PR
How to implement technology

Rates for consultations vary based on the nature of the assignment. Consultations may take place in person or online. Please contact me for an estimate.